A Congested Heart

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Congestive heart failure is something you will likely die with. When life runs out, it's because your heart couldn't handle the demands that life threw at your heart. And unless it's quickly and rightly addressed, it's threatening. And almost everyone will eventually die with congestive heart failure. It's the same thing with your spiritual heart. It is possible that because of conflict, there is a heart failure happening inside you. It could be an inner conflictedness in trying to balance work and life. It could be because of relationships that have been broken. It is the clash of motives--are you working for profit or for people?
All of that can create congestive heart failure, but the spiritual congestive heart can also evidence itself in darkness. The darkness of the heart is a universal situation. We should not be really surprised anytime we open a newspaper and look at the devastation of one human against another human.
I remember the first time I went to one of the most beautiful parts of the world, called Nepal and Kathmandu. This valley is overlooked by 20,000-foot peaks as they peak over these lovely people. On the outside, they, too, are like you--beautiful and lovely. We had about 1,000 or 1,500 leaders at the international convention center, and every one of them was impressive in their demeanor, in their culture--rich heritage, which is deep. But just a few days later, the dark and deceitful heart was powerfully present when the crown prince of the royal family in Nepal walked into a family gathering, opened up his machine gun and shot his father, the king, his mother, the queen mother, and seven of his relatives, and eventually shot himself. While comatose, and succession lines flew through him, he was actually king for a few days--four days, I think. Not the shortest reign in our history. But the dark heart--as beautiful as your demeanor is, there is a deceit to the heart. And unless it's decluttered from inside, the troubles will always go on.
Superficially, you can talk about time management techniques, which can declutter the heart of handling schedules, but that's just schedule management. We can talk about attention management techniques, which are better than time management techniques, where your attention is not distracted. It's focused. For example, I tell my dear colleagues not to email me till about 1:00 PM so that my attention can be managed. But really, for your heart, it's not just time and attention management. It is affection management. What have you set your heart upon? Because what you've set your heart upon is what is going to allow your heart to be either enlightened or further darkened.
Too many of us put our hearts on the wrong objects. We allow multiple idols to compete with each other for our affection. And spiritually, congestive heart failure is just on the horizon.
None of the objects on which we are fixed are really worthwhile. We need only one such object which is worthwhile, which is God Himself. But which God is the true God--the real God--on which you must affix your heart? I have a recommendation for you. In one of His final discourses, Jesus said something to His disciples. In the front end, He said, let not your hearts--don't let your hearts--be confused, agitated and troubled. In the last part of that same discourse, He said, I give you My peace--not as the world gives. And don't let your heart be confused, agitated and troubled. And between the front and the last part of this discourse, He says something so critical, which identifies Him as the source of decluttering your dark and deceitful heart. He says, believe in Me because you also believe in God.
You already believe in God--you believe in God, that I am a candidate for God--one of the deepest, clearest expressions of His uniqueness that you believe in Him as your only God of your heart. If He comes into your heart, He declutters your heart. He addresses the depths of the darkness of your soul, of your mind, of your heart, of your very life--all beginning with your heart--and gives you a new heart so that a spiritual congestive heart failure will not attack you.
And your heart will no longer be troubled. You think about it. Let's talk about it.

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