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Two Thoughts

“Who Can Save Your Life Today?”

Thank you for visiting  Here are two ways of accepting how God’s understands your life-situation and provides for your life-salvation. He welcomes you to personally recognize these two thoughts and to personally receive them in your mind and heart:

Though spiritually lost, I am findable.

Do you feel far from God? Of course you do. God sees you as having run away from him.

Unless you concede you are spiritually lost, you will not be found. Your personal choices confirm your spiritually lostness. You are more lost than you know. You have spiritually strayed away.

However, the consequences you face are not yet final. Since this message has gotten to you, you are findable. Though have gone astray, you are not a cast away.

Though personally gone, I am savable:

God has sent a seeker, a savior to rescue you from your personal lostness. God sent His very own and only Son, the Lord Jesus, to rescue you. The Lord Jesus gave His very own life to seek and save lost people like you and me, all humanity.

Because of His absolute desire to rescue you, He chose to take the consequence of your choices by dying for you. Because of His absolute power, He raised Himself from the dead to show you that you are findable and savable.

Now, God invites you to receive His eternal salvation. He can save your life today. The Lord Jesus alone can save you from being lost in your dark and lonely hiding place. You are lovingly invited to trust in Him as your personal life-savior.

Would you like God’s Son, the Lord Jesus be your only Life-Savior?

You can respond right away, right now. Whoever you are and wherever you are, you can respond with a “yes.” Regardless of what religion, language, culture, country, race, or class in which you find yourself, or you can respond “yes” to the One Who has come to find you, to save you.

You may express your heart-response by talking like this to God:

God, you and I know I am lost. I have turned away from You, and lost my way. I humbly ask You to save me today from this permanent life-situation. Thank You for seeking me when I went astray. Thank You for sending the Lord Jesus to save me by His death and by His resurrection. I trust You God and welcome the Lord Jesus, as my only Life-Savior.”

Is this prayer your heart’s response?

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If you expressed your trust in the Lord Jesus through the words in italics above, God will turn you around.  You have been found by Him.  You will no longer be in spiritual darkness and eternal lostness.

I want to hear from you. Please tell us of your decision to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as your only Savior.  We want to keep in touch and send you more of God’s thoughts about you so you can grow and flourish in this new situation, this new place in your life’s journey.

If you have any questions about these matters, please contact us.  We want to address your questions and help you in any way we can.