A Universal Virus

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Aug 02 2022 | Forgiveness

I welcome you to Life Rocks. Today I want to speak on “The Universal Virus.” You think about it—let’s talk about it.
Let’s play a word game. I want you to tell me the first thing that occurs inside your mind when I say a word, okay? I say warning, and you say...? I say sun, and you say...? I say mail, and you say...? Depending on who you are, you probably say female or e-mail.
I say virus, and you say...? But some of you have probably some experience with malware, computer viruses, and software viruses which installs themselves and infects your computer and your whole system. Everything slows down and your online presence is
severely stunted if not broken. I’ve had a couple of experiences like that, once in a Central America beach town. I lost some of my most important data. Fortunately some of it had been backed up, and I recovered rather well. A few years ago, a computer
specialist out of Scandinavia wanted to test people’s vulnerability and gullibility. And he offered an ad-word with a subject line and service, all which said, “Is your PC affected? Download here to get it infected.” And to his great surprise, 409 people actually
downloaded it to get their computers infected and affected. They were either curious or stupid or they said “by mistake.” He proved his point that there are people who are very vulnerable and gullible.
Others of you heard the word virus and thought about a health virus—perhaps a respiratory virus, or a hepatitis virus, or the West African Ebola virus. In the city where I presently reside, in 2014 the Ebola crises became headline news. It consumed every news
bit, every person in the city. Sadly, the first person who contracted it and came into our city died. Medical administrators and hospitals were filled with care, and scare, and a loss of hair. When they finally said that the city was free from the virus, everybody
breathed a heavy sense of relief. That’s a health virus.
I want to speak about another virus that is universal. It infects, affects the entire human race. It didn’t start out that way, but you are now born with it. You are hard-wired; you are installed already with this virus, so prevention is impossible. It didn’t start out
that way, but now prevention is impossible. But the good thing is since all of us have it, it cannot spread anymore. The consequences of those viruses can spread, it can be catalytic and cataclysmic. We see proof of it every day, and detection is
rather easy, when you have lust in your heart, when you have greed in your heart, when you lie and murder in your heart, which spreads all across our world in corruption. Because the corruption of the heart which overwhelms the rest of society is proof.
Detection and identification is easy. But treatment is hard. In fact, removal is impossible. It takes somebody from outside the human race to provide a virus removal service—to mitigate it now and to remove it forever in a sin-free environment forever. This
is God’s genius. God not only detects and identifies the virus as sin and transgression and wrongdoing, He has sent His own Son as His divine virus removal service. The way He does it is to pay the cost and the price of all your loss in the virus, and then begins a
process of cleaning you up, wiping out everything and giving you a brand new record, so that any additional evidence of virus, you can go to Him, get it cleaned up again, and start over and over again. And forever, you will be virus-free when it comes to sin. It
begins with forgiveness. Forgiveness is the means by which the universal virus of sin can be handled. Are you forgiven today?
Would you like to be? You think about it, let’s talk about it. Contact us right away, and we will respond.

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