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Aug 02 2022 | Forgiveness

Hello world! Welcome to Life Rocks. I speak today on “Exposé.” You think about it—let’s talk about it.
The whole world of journalism is built on the need for exposé. In fact, exposé brings discredit and identifies issues in the rich, the powerful and the famous for us to hear about and enjoy even. People in wealth or athletics or education and morality have all
evidenced and experienced exposé.
National leaders have experienced exposé. Recently, a president of a very large western economy had left his unmarried partner and had a side paramour, which was revealed by a newspaper to the unmarried partner—which was wrong in the first place—but now the unmarried partner has not only dumped him, but written an exposé from the palace, and everybody has bought copies of her book.
Business leaders also experience exposé. Some years ago, there was a mining scandal in Southeast Asia. Pardon the pun—it was unearthed. Where gold was promised and people invested so much, the market capitalization of this company befuddled the
masses. And after a geologist was killed or murdered or died in an accident—exposé—they found out that the scientist actually had “salted” the gold samples with dustings of gold, and there was no gold. Discovered and discredited.
Then there is our religious exposé. Religious leaders who look so heavenly and virtuous and wonderful on the outside are greedy and filled with lust on the inside. I heard of a Christian preacher in England who promised miracle babies, and right at the time the
miracle babies were being presented, there were orphans who were stolen out of his home country in Africa. These are saddening and maddening, surprising, even shocking. We like exposé because it makes us feel superior to those who are being discovered. It
also livens up life instead of liquoring up life.
But before you get too excited about other people being exposed, I want you to be aware that there’s a Divine Journalist who is about to expose you, because He knows everything you do in the dark and in the light, all your secret sins and your public
behavior, and if He really wanted to pursue you and expose you, you would be terribly and thoroughly discredited forever. And so He does something about it. He covers your sin. He covers your transgressions. He covers your wrongdoings. How does He do
that? Well by taking the penalty of your sin and transgressions and your wrongdoings. God sends His one and only Son, the Lord Jesus, to pay the price of your sins so that He will absorb any exposé of your sins. So that even though your heart may condemn
you, you will not be condemned. And even though you look much better than the others in public, you know better about yourself. God who reads your motives and your behavior, who examines your heart and your thoughts, knows a lot more about you than
you know about yourself. Even what you know about yourself is enough. God puts up with it and provides for it and covers it with the provision of His Son as the Forgiver of your sins. This way you won’t be discredited forever. Now you can’t bribe Him and ask Him to keep it quiet, like some have tried to help with journalists keeping everything quiet. You can’t buy off His exposé. All you can do is receive His forgiveness. Are you forgiven today? The Lord Jesus will cover you. You receive Him.
You think about this, and let’s talk about it.

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