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Sep 08 2022 | Forgiveness

Hello world! I welcome you today to LifeRocks. I want to speak on the matter of exposed. You think about it. Let’s talk about it. Today I speak on exposed. Do you know you are exposed? Exposed not in the sense of being discredited to someone who found something dirty on you and will air all the laundry about you. I’m not speaking about exposed in the sense of wholesome stuff like exposure to art and culture and music. I’m not even speaking about exposure that immature sex addicts online practice and they get into a whole bunch of trouble for a lifetime from which they cannot be easily freed.

I speak about exposure in a different way. About your exposure to risk. In business we use a phrase of exposure to risk because there are lots of risk variables unpredictables that are happening. There are external risks for example: geographical, environmental, physical. There are also internal risks: financial, strategic, operational risks, what one of our fine projects managers, always concerned about risk, wanted us to be prepared for anything but we really can’t be prepared for that which we cannot see. But today I want to speak about your personal risk. Not just business risk because in business you’ve got to take some risk. We want all entrepreneurs to take risks. We want you to risk boldly, but not risk blindly. When it comes to personal risk, which affects you not only in this life but forever. You want to be ready for it. You want to make some decisions that will allow you to mitigate the risk–even cancel that risk.

I speak about eternal risk. At the risk of everything you are, at the risk of everything you have permanently lost forever. So if you take the probability of risk and compounded it with the challenge of losses. You’ll want to make some important decisions today. I want you to take these into consideration. For example, the risk I am talking about, eternally, is a definite outcome. It’s not on a continual probability or impossibility. It’s definite and certain. It is also permanent. It’s forever. Regardless of what you decide, this risk is forever. It is also a risk that calls for an urgent decision. Not only an outcome and a loss but a decision that can reverse this permanent risk forever.

Now in risk studies they ask you to look at accuracy. Is the forecast of this risk accurate? Another factor they take into consideration and say, “Are you able to absorb the risk to resist it, to stand it?” So accuracy and absorption. And then there is the whole issue of what actionable plans you can put into place so that risk is mitigated and cancelled? If you wanted to take that whole matter into account in eternal risk you can. Look into it and ask if you can absorb it. You cannot. It is forever. You can look at it and say “It is accurate?” because this does not have a maximum threshold or a minimum activity. You’re already on line to lose forever. This is because of the problem of fallenness. Your fallen human condition. You’ve fallen short of God’s expectations.

You’ve fallen short of your own expectations of you. And the risk is enormous, in fact it is certain, definite, permanent, which requires an urgent decision. Therefore God, God sends His eternal son to mitigate your eternal risk so that you can be eternally rescued forever. He sends His eternal salvation to you. If you would receive Him as the only Savior, God of your life: the Lord Jesus Christ.

In risk studies we have both positive and negative risks. One is just a positive outcome so that you can learn from your risk issues and negative which you not learn from the risk issues. A positive eternal outcome is possible. In fact, it is certain and definite. If you receive God’s eternal gift of eternal salvation for your eternal destiny. Now if you reverse that whole sentence, you get a negative outcome and a negative destiny.

Are you exposed? Would you like to be forgiven? Would you like to take care of all the risk that you would possibly experience now and forever?

You think about it. Let’s talk about it. Contact us right away. I want to hear from you.

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