Correcting Your Self


Hello world! I have this wonderful feature on my smart phone. It’s called autocorrect. I use it, rely on it, and you do as well. Except a smart phone, in the hands of a dumb operator, complicates matters. The smart phone has not made me smarter, but I have made it dumber. By using the autocorrect feature every time I propose a word or spelling, it tries to correct me, and I dismiss it, and it preserves my bad spelling now as the default alternative.

Websites have been dedicated to humor, in terms of autocorrect. You may have heard the answer to “How are you?” Somebody wrote “Germans are attacking me,” when all he meant to say was “germs are attacking me.” Or the young lady who wrote to her boyfriend, said, “You are my rock, you are my knight, you are my shining armpit.” She wanted to say “shining armor,” knight in shining armor—came back armpit, and she was in trouble after that. I have a couple of bad cases of wrong spelling being proposed by my smart dumb phone. I’ve said “Hello” to people in all ways; it says “hell” to people, “Hell, hell to you.” It came because I was writing a talk on hell, you might want to visit that site, on how to get to hell, and it’s preserved my bad entry. I’ve tried to load previous backups of the good dictionaries, and they say it only preserves bad entries throughout, unless I restore the factory settings, the factory original dictionary.

Now what has happened to my smart phone has happened to you. Because your heart has been corrupted. And it preserves all the bad downloads and all the bad defaults. And therefore we have a challenge. How do I go about restoring the original factory settings of my heart, the lexicon of your heart? We’ve got to send it back to the factory, to the manufacturer, the maker-designer. Because your heart governs everything: your attitudes, your actions, your thoughts. So I’d like to suggest to you how you can restore your factory default as the best, and will completely override everything that you have inscribed in your heart, and give you a brand new, clear, clean heart.

First of all, you’ve got to admit that your heart has been corrupted. Second, you’ve got to admit that you’ve got to send it to the factory. And the One who’s put your heart together, your whole being together, says, “I will not only be your Maker and Designer, I’ll be the Savior of your heart.” Because “auto” in Greek means self, you cannot self-correct. You’ll only preserve bad thoughts, bad ideas, bad attitudes. God says, “I will send you my Savior. I’ll give you a brand new heart, a clean heart, a clear heart.” And once you’ve been reconstituted with the new download of the factory, every time you inscribe something bad, something wrong, something sinful, you can confess your sins and you will be wiped clean and a new factory default starts. Would you like the Maker/Designer to be the Savior of your heart? To be the Corrector of your life? You cannot correct yourself. The Lord Jesus says, “I will be your Savior. Restore the factory default. And every time you do something wrong, think something wrong, feel something wrong—you just confess, and I will rewrite a brand new original factory download for the rest of your life.” If you liked this talk, let us know! Send it to your friends, communicate with us. We’ll give you further details.

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