Reviving Your Self


Hello world! In Bali, Indonesia, not long ago, we saw lots of advertisements for health spas and salons and massages. Now my wife and I, we’ve not had many massages in our life. So for one full-service massage, we went in. They gave us a back massage as well as a head massage, Indonesian scents, they filled all our factory senses. We’ve heard wonderful Indonesian Gamelan music orchestration. Unfortunately, the full service was not a long service. By the time we walked back to our room, all the service that we possibly achieved by personal revival were depleted. Now it’s a big industry, personal revival, to revive yourself. Cosmetic dermatologists have advertised perfumes and creams and lotions that you apply. Another way to be revived in yourself is to pursue a cause where you see a need and you want to attack it and address it, and you want to help people.

The problem with reviving yourself is that it is not left to us mere mortals, because the meaning of the word “revive” is to really “resurrect.” And if you’re dead, especially if you’re dead tired, it’s very difficult to “resurrect,” let alone “revive,” yourself. If you’re listening today and you want your tired old self to be revived, you may want to get a nap this afternoon or get an energy drink that you might imbibe. Get some mental quietness. But I’m talking about your whole being be revived, because physical tiredness you can handle with a little bit of sleep. Mental tiredness with a little bit of thinking, but spiritual tiredness is much more difficult. Maybe a thought here, a thought there, but a whole being tiredness can only be resurrected by the One who is in charge of the resurrection. Your revival is not your ability. Because we are dead in our spiritual nature toward God, in our transgressions, in our sins. We’re walking across this world indulging the lusts of our minds and of our flesh according to the course of the air, of the Prince of Power of the air, the Bible says, which means we don’t please God. We are dead spiritually, and unless God makes the first move we cannot make a move towards Him. Our moves are responses, not determination; and God has just done that. He has come in to rescue us, to resurrect us, make us alive together with His Son, the Lord Jesus, and raise us so that we can have a resurrected life. Not only a resurrection in terms of whole being, but really forever. And not only a resurrection forever, but the ability to do good works right now, that He has planned for us to do, so that you could really be cause-oriented.

So if you don’t want to be living under the entropy of reality, of aging and weakness and illness; an ailment that awaits all of us and despair that follows. If you do not want to be dead, separated from God for eternity, He can resurrect—revive yourself. You will live again. If you like these thoughts, let me know. Just click on that button. Send this to your friends. Get on our website, and let us know. We can continue the dialogue. Thank you very much.

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