Enhancing Your Self


Hello world! Work can be hard, jobs can be a drudgery. At the end of the day, you’re worn out, you fall in your bed limp like a piece of wet cloth. And so the pharmaceutical industry has come out with ideas, jointly working with three British academies. They are talking about human enhancement and the future of the workplace, about an invasion of titanium-limbed, laser-eyed, serotonin-pumped cyborgs in the 21st century workplace. They talk about a future time when shift workers can be given anti- boredom pills, or those working through the night can take wakefulness pills. Or office workers can don exoskeleton suits so that they can heave very heavy material. Actually there’s trans-cranial simulation so you can be more productive at work.

There’s a lot of discussion going on—the ethics of this kind of human enhancement. The questions are very simple: If you stay awake for a long time, would you be emotionally depleted? If you carry very heavy things at work, are you willing to do the small things that your wife needs at home? Or if you’re simulated and simulated creatively at work, are you able to allow that to emerge into other areas of your life? We’ll let them discuss it.

But the reality is true. We are weary. At the end of the day, we are tired. Sometimes jobs are drudgeries, and we fall into bed very, very tired. Now technology and human enhancement might help your performance, but it will not help your competence. It will help your performance doing the mundane—shifting heavy things and doing your emails and so on, but will not give you joy and creativity and intelligence. For the technology advancement, in terms of human enhancement, will not give you goodness. The whole history of technology is strewn with stories of how people use technology to destroy other people. The equation of body enhancement and identity enhancement is the problem. Just because your body is enhanced does not mean your soul is, that your identity is enhanced.

Now all those other things can be a unique selling point as you present yourself to those who are considering you, but I want to talk about your soul. How can your insides be enhanced, so that it will be long-term motivation for your public, personal, physical performance? I don’t want you to keep taking pills. Instead, I want an inner restructure, an internal unleashing, a spiritual salvation that will last throughout your whole life and forever. God is the One who can enhance you. In fact, He gives an open welcome to anybody who is weary. The Lord Jesus says, “Come to me, regardless of caste or creed or background or language or ethnicity or economic stature. Come to me, and I will give you rest. If you are burdened, if you are heavy with weariness, if you are carrying too much in your life, come to me, and I’ll give you rest for your soul on the inside, and that will carry you forever.”

Now go get all the performance that you need in terms of staying in your job and your competence that you need in order to perform well, but I want your insides to be changed. Because God can enhance you. You cannot enhance yourself. “As a whole person, come to Me.” Just come to Him. Tell Him you want to come to him. He will be happy and eager to welcome you. 

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