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Sep 09 2022 | Freedom

Greetings world! I welcome you to hear and watch a new series on “LifeSaveYour.” You think about it and let’s talk about it.

LifeSaveYour. Check out the spelling. Intrigued by it? I thought about using Life Saver, the international brand of candy, but that would be too light for the content that I want to give to you. There are Life Saver quotations, Life Saver jokes—you heard about the moron who was working as a life guard, when a young lady was calling for the “Lifesaver, lifesaver!” He asked, “Peppermint or grape?” because Life Saver Candy comes in both fruit and breath freshener flavors.

I also thought of perhaps spelling “Life Saviour” with the British spelling with a “U” at the end, or the American spelling without the “U” at the end; borrow from Latin, “xavier,” or French “sauveur,” but that would be giving away too much too early. I wanted something that was somewhat attention getting, but not too cute. Because we use Life S-a-v-U-r, everybody knows SMS language, “your” is spelled “U-R,” but people would read it as “Lifesavoor,” and I wanted something that was personal, personal to you and to me. And so LifeSaveYour.

In this new word, the first word is “life.” Your life, my life. Global life, historical life, corporate life, personal life, past life, present life, future life. But most importantly, it’s not just abstract life and life principle and life force, but life in the concrete. It’s your life, that’s the last part of that word. Your life. Your life which is evidenced by thought, your life which is way beyond the physical organ of the brain. Your life that attempts to make meaning of all the circumstances that you face.

But that middle part of the coined word is the word “save.” And that’s where the focus is for this entire series. As LifeSaveYour. Sometimes we use the word, “you’re a lifesaver” to somebody who rescued you, to a doctor who gave you treatment, to a firefighter who helped you out of a fire, to a counselor who has saved your marriage. But the word “lifesaver” is impregnated in my yearly newspaper seasonal appeal, which presents a problem for the world and asks people to contribute to save children for example, from blindness or from children’s cancer. They talk about diagnosis, treatment, and care.

Now diagnosis for us looks pretty grave. Because you and I, we are caught in the vice grip of mortality, growing older, and the soul cancer and spiritual cancer that you and I face, there’s really no rescue that we can somehow come up with. Like the six young men who stole a truck, did not know there was radioactive liquid there, and being exposed to the radioactive liquid made them immediately susceptible to fatal death. The risk is a catch 22 situation for both you and me.

If that’s the diagnosis, the treatment comes from the life Savior. Your personal savior. There’s no self saving, face saving tactics here, somebody has to come in and rescue you and me from our grave danger. If you Google “Savior,” you will find beyond the dictionary definitions that one name dominates almost like a nickname, completely, consistently, and continuously dominates, you will find the word “Jesus.” Which means, “God Saves.” The Lord Jesus said, “Whoever wishes to save his life will lose it.” That means you yourself cannot save your life. But He offers himself as your LifeSaveyour. Would you entrust your life to Him? So He can save your life, be your LifeSaveyour?

Think about it, you think about it, let’s talk about it. I want to hear from you right away.

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