The Middle Man

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Sep 07 2022 | Freedom

There Is A Perfect

Koreans living south of the DMZ — “demilitarized zone” — have been separated from family members in the north for more than 65 years. Story after story has been told of families separated during the war, then finding themselves permanently separated by two very different governments when the war had ended. The Korean people began wondering if there is a perfect “middle man” who could help them bridge the separations.

But, in most cases, parents have not heard from their children. Husbands have not seen their wives. Siblings have not been able to even exchange postcards. Tens of thousands of people have died while clinging to the dream of looking into the eyes of their loved ones just one more time.

In the year 2000, separated families began to hope again. An historic summit between leaders in the North and leaders in the South took place. They decided to let families see each other again. Can you imagine the excitement? Can you picture the celebrations?

The Cruel Middle Man

However, most of those hopes were dashed. The North Korean dictator began using the reunions to manipulate South Korea. Only a few of the thousands of families who requested a reunion have been allowed to do so. And, the reunions are very short — usually only three days.

The middle men — the leaders who arranged the reunions — have been either unable or unwilling to provide permanent reunions for all who desire them. If just one “middle man” — the North Korean dictator — would give his permission, all the separated families could be reunited. If he told his troops to stand down, permanent reunions between loved ones could be arranged. If he simply said the word, both countries could be reunited permanently.

But he has allowed no such thing. He is a cruel middle man, with tremendous power, standing between two nations of people who want to have no border between them.

The Perfect Middle Man

But there is a good middle man: The Lord, Jesus Christ.

Like the DMZ between North and South Korea, sin stands between us and God. All people have sinned, and sin separates us from God. No human in history was able to penetrate this sin-barrier and reunite us with our Heavenly Father. So, the only hope we had was for God to act — and he did. He sent Jesus to be the “one mediator between God and men” (1 Timothy 2:5).

So, Jesus is not only a good middle man, but the perfect middle man. Only Jesus has been able to bring about permanent reunions for all who will accept his work as a mediator. He has provided eternal reunions between an uncountable number of people and God. And he offers these reunions as a gift — a free gift.

Jesus — God Himself — came in the form of a man, with flesh and blood so he could take the penalty of sin on himself. He paid for our sins with his own death, and rose again to prove that He was the God-Man who was able to give us eternal life with our Heavenly Father.

Your Middle Man?

But, Jesus does not force us to be reunited. He offers us a reunion with God as a gift. Every person must trust Jesus to be his or her mediator. You must believe that His death and resurrection were able to tear down the barrier of sin and make a way for you to be saved from your separation from God and receive eternal life with God instead.

Imagine the great peace in Korea if the DMZ was torn down today. But that peace would only be temporary because sin and death would ultimately still separate those loved ones. Through the Lord Jesus, the one mediator between God and people, we can know permanent peace between ourselves and God. Will you trust Jesus to be your mediator right now? Pray to him, thank him for being our mediator, and be reunited with God by faith today.

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