Chronic Insecurity

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Sep 07 2022 | Peace

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Insecurity. Now, even the word "insecurity" can generate insecurity. We have all felt insecure at times, and there's actually an African proverb which says, "The man who's married a beautiful wife and plants seed by the roadside--both experience insecurity," because insecurity is a human situation. There are all kinds of insecurity. Psychological insecurity--somebody said it makes you hate people that you don't even know. Narcissists, who are focused on the self because of a very, very low self identity, they experience insecurity to the highest extent. They want to come across better than they really are, falsely than what they really are, and even put on false humility at times. Psychological insecurity can be found from job insecurity. If you don't think you fit your job or the economic environment is not conducive to getting a new job, psychological insecurity can come from financial insecurity when the money runs out before your month runs out. Someone said, "Money talks to me it, only it keeps saying goodbye." So there's psychological security. Another aspect is relational insecurity. If two people are in love, it starts very well and very soon, in the inevitable threat of opposition against love, insecurity becomes a problem. All relationships are going to go through those kinds of threats. It's quite interesting that both the psychological and relational insecurity, the experts--psychologists and sociologists--they have some input for us. For example, in job insecurity, if you are a male, your insecurity will be lessened a bit if you already had a strong enough psychological security. It's interesting. That is, if you already had peace before peace, if you had well-being before your well-being, then you can handle this massive thing called job loss. Or in relational insecurity, the psychologists say, if you entered into a relationship with reasonably good sense of the self, then when you have the inevitable threats, you can handle it better together--a sort of peace before the peace. You need to have well-being before the well-being before the well-feeling. You have got to have it ahead of time. Now how do you go about having peace before you have peace? How do you go about having well-being before you have well-being?

Oh, I need to mention another insecurity. It's called spiritual insecurity, or eternal insecurity, because the master of the human situation is the fact that we will not live with security forever. And if we are internally and eternally insecure, that brings some

complications. Now again, the best experts say, if you want to handle insecurity, you need to have a spiritual connection--not a religious connection, but a spiritual connection of some sort which will give you a sense of well-being. That's good insight, but spiritual

connection with what? Spiritual connection with yourself? That's an option, and the selfish would like to do that. 

[Or] a spiritual connection with another person--but what if that other person is not secure in his or her own self? Others say you need to have a spiritual connection with nature. Oh, and I have been to some places, including yesterday, where nature was just thrilling. It keeps you with a sense of well-being for just a moment or two, because I know friends in those places who are very, very insecure.

Or others seek a spiritual connection with drugs, even demons. The question is, where can you find a spiritual connection so you can have inner peace before you need inner peace, where you can have well-being before you need well-being, when insecurity eventually touches us. It is here I would like to point you to the person who can give you peace beyond comprehension, as a gift that the peace of God will be with you.

This is, of course, an issue of both cause and solution, problem and resolution. The reason we have insecurity is because we have departed from the source of peace, God Himself. We have rebelled against Him. We say we want to try to find our own means and sources of security, and they will never be there. In order to address that departure and rebellion, God sends a peace gift in His son so that the Lord Jesus can give us peace in the middle of insecurity.

There is a promise that the peace of God, which passesall comprehension, transcends all understanding, can be ours in Christ Jesus. Would you trust the Lord Jesus as the Savior of your life, including Savior from your insecurities, so you can have inner peace, before you meet the challenge. Well-being before you need it? You think about it. Let's talk about it.

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