Lasting Peace

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Sep 07 2022 | Peace

Greetings world. I welcome you to LifeRocks. You think about it. Let’s talk about it. Some time ago, I arrived in Thailand for a week of speaking engagements, and my bag did not arrive with me. I waited. I called. It did not show up. For a whole week, I went without my important bag with my packed clothes and gifts for people. After I returned home, my bag finally came back home. What happened was that the handle on my suitcase broke. Because the handle had the baggage tag on it, it didn’t know where to go. At least, the baggage handlers did not know where to send it. They waited for a while, when all the system was able to handle it, in order to find the scan and send it back home. Fortunately, I found everything as was packed, the clothes and the non-dispersed gifts. But these days they’ve gotten far more sophisticated. One airline boasts what is called PRIME: Proactive Real-Time Information Matrix Engines, which actually have 10 scans on your bag so that your bag arrives the same time that you do on the same flight. And if you are not on the flight, the bag does not make it. It’s highly likely I’m not losing those bags very much anymore. When I get the bag, there’s a reunion, a peaceful reunion. And I’m happy about it. But go from bags to people. When you have not seen a loved one for many years, it happens frequently in the most fortified border in the world. It’s the line between North Korea and South Korea. During the Korean War in 1950 to 53, loved ones were separated. And all through their lives, they’ve been looking for a happy reunion. But the war lines have been so stark with their respective economic systems and consequences that there has been very little exchange, except for middlemen who have arisen. They try to get reunions through unofficial channels. And the usual charge is about $1,500. And people in South Korea pay that amount in order to see their loved ones in North Korea. Now they’re into their 70s and 80s. Their only desire is that somehow they will see their sibling, because their parents have died or, perhaps, their children. And when they finally make it, oh, there are tears. They weep. They smile. Just for a short time, they talk. And they say, “We can finally die in peace.” You know, the lost baggage and lost family member analogy can be applied to your life. There’s a scan in your heart that says there are divine imprints, and you need to be reunited with the God who has placed His imprint on your heart. And fortunately, you don’t even have to pay excess baggage fees, because that’s been paid for. But let’s go further into lost love. Where you have been separated by God, the border is thick because of the source and the pervasive nature of sin in your life. That can never be conquered unless a middleman is found. And God has done the work. He has sent the middleman. He has paid the price for the middleman so that you can come back to Him. You never have to pay the middleman. At that point when you receive the official, unique channel of reaching God through the Lord Jesus, the middleman, you will be reunited. There will be weeping and joy and talk. Finally, you can die in peace– peace now, but peace forever with God forever. You never have to pay the middleman. So, if you want more contact data about the middleman, the Lord Jesus, let us know. Trust Him. He won’t charge you. Don’t trust anybody who wants to charge you to find peace with God. You think about it. Let’s talk about it.

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