The Right Kind of Peace

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Sep 09 2022 | Peace

Greetings, World! I welcome you to LifeRocks. You think about it. Let’s talk about it! Everybody’s wanting peace. They’d like to understand peace, obtain peace, and keep peace. Other than that, peace is an easy thing to obtain, and understand and keep. If you don’t understand it, you will never find it. And if you don’t find it, you will never keep it. But it all starts with understanding peace. If you’re wanting peace, I hope you want the right kind of peace. In understanding peace, there are many such dimensions, for example, there’s what we call the negative understanding of peace where there is lack of conflict—and that’s good, but where you find negative peace is in the graveyard, in the cemetery, where there’s lack of conflict. Everybody’s at peace with one another. Lives peace, but dead men don’t bleed and dead men don’t need peace. From a negative understanding of peace, we can go to a neutral understanding of peace. The neutral understanding of peace is like coexistence. You know countries coexist around each other, marriages, husbands and wives they don’t talk to one another, they don’t fight with one another, they simply coexist. There is another dimension of peace. It’s called positive peace—not negative peace or neutral peace. A psychiatrist once asked a husband if he ever engages in dangerous or extreme sport. He said, “Yeah, occasionally I talk back at my wife, it’s extremely dangerous.” Those are good things, but what we really want is positive peace. Harmony. Accord. Victory. Freedom. Unity. Who can give you that peace? Not what can give you that peace. But who can give you that peace? Because anything that can give you that peace will be fleeting. But the any “who” is an important one for you to consider. The “who” question calls for somebody who loves and cares for you, otherwise you will not have peace. The “who” question also says somebody has the ability to express his love for you and endow peace in you and upon you. That’s who we call God, because God loves and cares for you and expresses His love for you and has the right to endow peace in you and upon you. That’s why the Bible calls God the God of peace. The God who is present with you in peace, the God who can rescue you from your anxiety in peace. The God who can free you from total pollution in peace. The God who can preserve you—body, soul and spirit—and deliver you, finally, with peace. This God offers this peace to you through His one and only Son, the God of Peace sends the Prince of Peace and He says to you, “I can give you positive peace, not just negative peace, which is a good start, not just neutral peace and coexistence between you and me but positive peace. It’s a big problem between you and me. But if you invite my Son, the Prince of Peace the Lord Jesus into your life, He will give you positive peace between you and me.” Harmony. Freedom. Accord. Unity. Victory. Will you like to invite the God of peace in your life? Just tell him that. Tell Him, “God I don’t know peace. I want peace. Oh my God, come into my life. Give me peace. I receive your Son as the Prince of Peace coming from the God of Peace so that I can have the experience of peace.” Watch that last part and tell Him that. And write to us. We’d like to further you in your journey to discover, uncover, and recover peace in your life. Peace positive. You think about it, let’s talk about it.

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